The Cornizzolo is a mountain that overlooks on plain and behind him begin the Alps.

The territory is characterized by optimal conditions of fly determined by the orography of land. In normal condition of fly the wind coming from the Padana plain. The area of Cornizzolo is a classic playground for national and international competitions of paragliding.

The landing of Suello at the restaurant Cielo&Terra, is a real area of luxury thanks to the commitment and hard work of the local clubs, in particular Scurbatt and Paragliding Club Lecco, has become a meeting point essential for pilots.

The road up to Cornizzolo is narrow and blocked halfway up to avoid traffic private. From that point you need at least a 45 minute walk to get to the take-offs (the time from get to take-off with shoulder sailing is estimated at 1h45 '), if you do not want to walk, you can go to the take-off with of the shuttle service with starting from landing (ample parking) near the pub restaurant pub Cielo&Terra.

Cornizzolo is 1241 meters high. On its slopes there are two take-offs with southern exposure, the most used is the "risparmio" located at an altitude of 1060 near the road, and then, there is the take-off "centrale", huge grassy ridge located to west and more top of the "risparmio". This can simultaneously accommodate over 200 sail and is used for all races, it is little used for flights Sunday because to get there you need to walk for 10-15 minute.

There are other areas for take-off: the "campetto" (to the east and lower than the "risparmio") and the "risparmio alto" (up to "risparmio", it's less comfortable to reach and usually used in case of crowding)
All take-offs are very wide and safe, on grassy ground without plants or shrubs nearby or obstacles that may create areas in downwind. The flights can be made with wind from south while it is extremely dangerous to fly with the wind from the northern quadrants and in particular with the Fohn.

To avoid unnecessary trips you can see the weather condition on these weather stations.

Scurbatt Meteo Station

Centro meteo Lombardo