Few suggestions about “landing in a not ordinary landing field” while flying in Mt. Cornizzolo’s area.
If you are not used to this kind of landing, it could be exciting.
We wish to let you face these landings in the easiest and safest way.
It’s more likely that you will enter a private area during the landing, so please remember to pay attention to plants, grassland and more stuff.

In case of complaints of the field’s owner, please try to be kind.

Here you are a list of landing fields in the East side of the Mt.Cornizzolo:

  1. Suello - 8 type landing, wind from W-SW (be careful to some thermal activities)
  2. Isella - C type landing just upon the camping, wind from W-SW (try to land on the first step; keep the second for emergency)
  3. Civate – 8 type landing upon the warehouses, wind from W-SW (pay attention to power line)
    Sala al Barro – 8 type landing, wind from S-W (Mt. Barro’s cave, from here is possible to see perfectly landing n°3)
  4. Lecco (Bione Sport Center), 8 type landing, wind from S. The landing is a fenced field and you nead to climb the fence to go out. (Pay attention to power line).
    Alternatively in the North part of the center there are many football fields divided by a low fence.
  5. Garlate – 8 type landing, wind from W – S.
  6. Vercurago – 8 type landing, wind fro S – W. (Don’t stay too closed to the landing during the descent and pay attention to thermal activities)

Atterraggi d'emergenza - Cornizzolo (zona est)


Here you are a list of landing fields in the West side of the Mt.Cornizzolo:

  1. Segrino - Connection to eight, wind S-W  (dispose of well,  not much space)
  2. Scarenna - Connection to eight, wind S-W   (very easy, between the power line and the crag)
  3. Proserpio - Connection to eight, wind S-W  (easy)
  4. Erba - campo sportivo - Safer of the landing 5.  Connection to eight, wind S-W (easy)
  5. Erba - stazione ferroviaria - Connection to eight wind S-W (dispose of well, probable thermal bubbles)
  6. Eremo San Salvatore - Connection to eight, wind S-W  (dispose of well, however it's large) Preferable to landings 4 and 5
  7. Como - ex manicomio - Connection to eight, wind S-W 

Atterraggi d'emergenza - Cornizzolo (zona ovest)